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I watched friends, colleagues & family lose their jobs & their self-esteem, their spouses, their families, and even worse tragedies. I built Fractional Execs for them.

I also built Fractional Execs for the client. My team is the best in their respective businesses & functional areas. You’ll find executives, managers, leaders, & key people that know your industry, know your type of business, know how to operate in its structures & know how to excel your business goals.

Now, anyone, who wants a new role can get it. They can join Fractional Execs for free & get matched to client jobs.

Try a FRACTIONAL EXEC today. Free matches, no long-term commitments. Great leaders and managers are available for short-term hiring. You can also hire a full-time Fractional Exec at any stage in their engagement.

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Whatever It Takes

– Captain America, Marvel Endgame & my slack motto!


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fractional Execs, Greg has worked as a business & marketing leader as a fractional executive multiple times. He built his own consulting business during the Great Recession. He also teaches business & marketing at The Rutgers Business School in the evenings to MBA candidates. Greg has an MBA & a BSBA from The Rutgers Business School & Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, respectively.


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fractional Execs, Greg has exponentially increased the subscribers and revenue for multiple startups, scaleups, & Fortune Global 500 companies like: AT&T, Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s, LexisNexis, GateHouse Media, & GANNETT. Greg launched or relaunched the following businesses: Mint Mobile, AcademicPub,, & other firms


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fractional Execs Greg has led, mentored & trained many people of all ages. He can help your leadership team cultivate diverse business leaders. He has led teams through growth stages at high-growth companies like Mint Mobile/Ultra Mobile & through RIFs at too many firms. Greg is a servant leader, who listens & cares about all employees, partners, vendors, and each company he works for. He does ‘whatever it takes’ to support each business even on his last day, always following through.

Our Execs

Business executives available for:

Digital Infrastructure & Transformation
Digital & Traditional Marketing
B2B & B2C Lead Generation
B2C/DTC Consumer Marketing
Business Strategy
Accelerated Growth
Sales Leadership & Pipeline Mgmt
Operations, Project Mgmt
Finance, Analysis
Fulfillment, & more
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